The Secret Song of Tai Chi Chuan


The “Song of Secrets” for training in the 13 techniques.  As usual, much of its poetry is lost in the translation, but the meaning remains.


“The source of life is at the waist. 

Pay attention to ‘apparent’ and ‘solid’, Without hindrance chi flows with grace. 

Stillness in movement, movement in stillness, Adjust according to what the situation is.

Every move most be guided by will. Combat efficiency will be achieved with ease.

All the time pay attention to your waist, The abdomen is charged with chi and might.

The spine is straight and full of spirit; The whole body is relaxed with the head upright.

Be attentive to the details in every move, Spontaneous let your movements be.

A teachers guidance is needed to enter the way, When accomplished, unrestricted by the rules are you.

What is so difficult about the form? Mind and energy are the king.

What is the aim of tai chi chuan practice? Health and vitality and the eternal spring.”

Do not underestimate these words and their deeper meaning and relevance to ALL THINGS!