Student Testimonials

I was searching for a yoga class when I happened upon the information on an upcoming 6 week beginners’ tai chi class with Peter. I decided it would be fun to try, and I am so glad I did. By the end of the 6 week series I knew it was something that I wanted to continue to learn. Tai chi has helped me eliminate stress, become more aware, and helped me focus. Peter is an excellent instructor. In addition to the moves, he helps his students understand concepts, body alignment, how everything is connected, the concept of yin and yang, and much more. Peter “gets it” and is able to convey and share this knowledge with his students.

Deeann G.

I’ve been training with Peter about 2 years.  I went into Tai Chi hoping mostly for physical improvement in balance, coordination, and strength.  That’s all happening, but I have gained so much more!  I did not expect the sense of peace and well-being that comes with time and study.  Wow!  I’m hooked!

Diane S.

    I spent about five years working with Peter. Going to class about once a week. I cant say I remember everything he tried to teach me. But I think I got the most important stuff. I remember thinking every time I see this man he has something new to teach me. From the long talks about sociology to the tai chi. A good way to put it is Peter is a teacher of all things…..  Learning tai chi has proven to be invaluable in every aspect of my life. Ive learned to tap into the body’s infinite ability to produce energy. As well as the minds ability to be calm and focused. Ive developed a higher state of sensitivity to my surroundings.  Wherever I go and whatever I do. I will be utilizing the teachings I found in the weekly tai chi classes. I am forever thankful for the time we spent together.     Thanks for everything!….. I had the time of my life.

 Sky Ray S.

About 16 months ago, I joined my first few Tai Chi classes with Peter. I had fairly low expectations initially of what I might get out of it. I thought it might improve my balance or flexibility somewhat. Instead, it changed my life. The changes were very gradual. I was surprised in the beginning at how difficult it was to learn. It was a mental workout to try to coordinate arm, core, and leg movements and to remember sequences of movements and learn to transition between those sequences while maintaining my physical balance. The first several months I would often leave class feeling like I had spent an hour doing brain teaser puzzles. But with each class something new would stick, and I gradually started to be able to practice the entire form at home on my own.

Eventually, I decided to learn more and started taking private lessons with Peter. He suggested that I start a daily standing meditation practice which I did, building up to 30 minutes most days. That is when I really started seeing both physical and mental changes. Physically, due to the challenging poses in the standing meditation, I became much stronger and my balance significantly improved. Mentally, I was calmer and better able to focus, and I was also increasingly aware of what was going on with my body and trying to start the development of Tai Chi internal power. During this same period, other instructors and people with whom I have worked out for years started to notice and comment on my improved strength, balance, and flexibility. I was able to do things I had never been able to do before and it felt powerful and good. Peter also encourages trying to take the Tai Chi philosophy into our daily lives and so I’ve applied the concepts of yielding and adjusting to some real situations in my life with positive results. Peter is an embodiment of strength, grace, and balance. I feel very lucky to have found such an outstanding teacher, and I feel that I am just beginning to scratch the surface of what Tai Chi has to offer in my life.

Connie B

Tai chi introduces the student to a philosophy of life that encompasses the physical, mental and emotional aspects of wellbeing. It is important to have a teacher that takes the time to explain the values and beliefs of Tai chi along with demonstrating and explaining the moves. Under the direction of Peter who is an experienced and skilled instructor, each class has physical and intellectual components so that the Tai Chi way is understood by the student.

Peter is a patient and understanding teacher and relates normal activities to class practice. As a result, I have grown stronger physically (including increasing my bone density) and developed an awareness of movement that allows me more flexibility and less inclination for awkwardness and accidents. Practicing meditation has enhanced my breadth of awareness, helped memory and increased insights.

Jean A.

I’ve taken Tai Chi from another instructor before joining Peter’s classes. The difference was night and day. I’ve been interested in Tai Chi for years – mainly because, in my view, it is one of the few martial arts that combine meditation and the form. If I wanted to learn just the movements I would have taken up dancing.

Part of Peter’s philosophy of Tai Chi is to practice standing meditation. I have been a migraine sufferer for years. Since implementing standing meditation consistently into my daily routine I have not needed my daily migraine medicine, and have not had a serious migraine in over a year.

Neil L.

When I began Tai Chi my original interest was to find something to develop a calming feeling, a relaxing process. As I began to attend the classes I immediately felt an impact on my energy and ability to relax. Through the Art of Tai Chi I have been able to develop a means of exercising my body and my mind. My focus on daily activities, whether they are mental activities, physical activities, or sports have noticeable improved.

Pat J.