No Such Thing as Nothing

There is no such thing as nothing in Nature as we know it.

All the something’s in Nature are in constant motion and growth,

This is a perfect World…

Look in the mirror again.

Live in the Moment

By living more often in the moment, we begin to realize that we control our reality completely …Only then will we understand that how we spend tomorrow depends on how we live today! So dare to live in the moment.

Just a few words to help remind you about what really matters in your world!


timeHello Everyone,

Because precious time is slipping away….You are only king or queen for a day. It does not matter to which god you pray… Precious time is slipping away!

– Van Morrison 1999

So if this is true, today is the day to improve yourself, to take control of your happiness, your health, your world. To become the greatest version of you! In short to unify your Spirit through the study of your Mind and Body!

The tools to do this are right in front of you and precious time is slipping away!

Do not under estimate your infinite power to change! GOOD LUCK!

Required Curriculum

Age has many benefits:

Ultimately, we learn that the world is a school, and this reality that we are all a part of is the curriculum you are required to take. Everything in your reality is part of the curriculum, and you must grow with it. Some of us might get left back, because we don’t want to accept the curriculum; we don’t want to accept the reality. Some of us may transcend and go beyond that reality. Which one are You?

The fact is, however, that, as we begin to respect ourselves, we begin to honour and to appreciate who we are….. and how we feel about ourselves.

Do not underestimate the power of this understanding!